2019/1 Summaries


Erfgoed toegankelijk maken voor een divers publiek. Multiperspectief in het erfgoedonderwijs

Making heritage accessible to a diverse audience

Multiperspectivity in heritage education

This article presents an instrument for the screening of programme sets for heritage education putting the focus on multiperspectivity. It contributes to the need of a sustainable cooperation between formal education and institutions of heritage education. In a society with increasing diversity it appeals to multiperspectivity by bringing up perspectives of different ethniccultural groups, also those of less visible ones. The Heritage Education Multiperspectivity Matrix (HEMmatrix v1.0) is based first of all on the core objectives of history education, in particular historical thinking, and secondly on ‘Culture in the Mirror’ an application of the theory of culture of Barend van Heusden to the Flemish context. Starting from solid theory a blueprint of the matrix was established and critically altered by experts. Further it was tested for screening existing programme sets for heritage education. In a next phase the matrix was validated as a design instrument. That’s why we name the presented version of the matrix v1.0. Opportunities and limitations of the instrument are discussed.