2002/1 Summaries


Jeruzalemvaarders, rederijkers en schilders en de Palmzondagsprocessie te Brussel in de 16e eeuw

Summary : Jerusalem Knights, rhetoricians, painters and Palm Sunday Procession In Brussels in the 16th century
On the basis of unknown data the author draws a picture of the Brussels Palm Sunday procession in the 16th century. Ghysbrecht Mercx, one of the well-known rhetoricians of Brussels and chairman-playwright of the Chamber of Rhetoric ‘Den Boeck’ was commissioned by the Church Council of Saint Goedele’s to stage-manage the procession for years.
Apparently, Palm Sunday procession is the ideal research item to enter the world of church wardens, secular clergy, rhetoricians and painters around Saint Goedele’s collegiate church.
The author has an eye for the Brussels Jerusalem Knights who were closely related to the procession mentioned.  In addition he gives a sketch of the historical context, the stage-management, the stage-properties and the figuration of the procession. At the end of this article, the author emphasises that the continuous intervention by the chairman-playwright of the Chamber of Rhetoric ‘Den Boeck’ had been rather uncommon.
Moreover, Palm Sunday procession must have been a unique experience for the Brussels people by the staging of short plays, the attendance of exceptionaly dressed up apostles and children, the Jerusalem Knights,