2001/2 Summaries


Brusselse bedevaarders en hun bedevaarten in de 16e eeuw

Summary : Brussels pilgrims and their pilgrimages in the sixteenth century.
Starting from a thorough examination of the archives (National Public Record Office in Brussels, Church archives of the province of Brabant, Archives of the chapter church of St. Michael and St. Gudula, Archives of the Public Centre for Social Welfare) the author brings into focus the voluntary pilgrimages undertaken by the inhabitants of Brussels in the 16th century. This article is a mine of new data and so fills an existing gap.
Data on Brussels pilgrims and their journeys are rare in the 16th  century, for during a fire in 1695 important parts of the municipal archives were destroyed. The author puts together a survey of pilgrimages either carried out or postponed, as well as of posthumous pilgrimages, undertaken by clergymen and laymen. This article also contains a list of the places of pilgrimage.



Fragment van een zestiende-eeuws, handgeschreven kookboek
Summary : Fragment of a sixteenth-century, handwritten cookery book.
Cookery books from the sixteenth century in Dutch, whether printed or in manuscripts, are very rare. A partly preserved one from the Town Archives in Brussels (Liasse 830) consisting of 29 recipes, not known from elsewhere, is here edited for the first time. A description of the ms. and its historical setting are added.